Fræðsluefni til útláns til félaga í félaginu


1.  Beaulieu, Danie – Impact Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis

2.  Dilts, Robert – Installing Key Beliefs for Change

3.  Gilligan, Stephen – Connecting with the Inner Self in Psychotherapy

4.  Michael D. Yapko –  The Case of Vicki: Hypnosis with a Terminal Cancer Patient

5.  Jay Haley and Madeleine Richeport – Haley Explorer In Hypnosis and Therapy

6.  Andreas, Steve  Resolving Shame 2004

7.  Dilts, Robert  Integrating Conflicting Beliefs 2004

8.  Erickson Milton,H. Complete Works  2002

9.  Gilligan, Stephen The Generative Self in Hypnotic Therapy 2004

10.  Rossi, Ernest  Ultilizing Dreams to Facilitate Gene Expression and Brain Plasticity 2004

11.  Zeig, Jeffrey K  Experimental Empathy in Ericksonian Therapy 2004

12.  Zeig, Jeffrey K  Advanced Techniques of Hypnosis and Therapy 1978


13.  Burns, George  Stories for Health and Happiness 2004

14.  Gilligan, Stephen  Identity, Trance and Hypnosis: The Use of Extraordinary Experiences for Generative Change 2004

15.  Zeig, Jeffrey  How to Conduct a Successful Workshop 2004 (a)

16.  Zeig, Jeffrey  How to Conduct a Successful Workshop 2004 (b)

17.  Zeig, Jeffrey  Using Hypnosis as as Lens: A States Model of Hypnosis, Problems, Solutions, and Being a Therapist 2004

18.  Zeig, Jeffrey and Short, Dan Influencing the Future: Erickson´s and its Global Impact 2004

19. Anaheim Conference, December 2005, handout CD: The evolution of psychotherapy.

DVD og CD diskar keyptir á XIX International Congress of Hypnosis, haustið 2012 í Bremen:


20Brian AlmannThe voice for real wellness.

21. J. ZeigPrinciples of advanced induction.

22. Ben FurmanUse of fantasy in solution focused psychotherapy.

23Virot-Kirsch, YapkoNew concepts in depression (part 1).

24YapkoThe case of Susan – Hypnosis to overcome fear of freeway driving


25Mark Jensen: Hypnotic Management of Pain, part 1, 3 diskar (HT12-WS40C)

26Dave Patterson: Hypnotic Management of Pain, part 2, 3 diskar (HT12-WS53C)